When You Have Found a Sport You Love – Don’t Quit!

Here at the Hoger MMA site, we believe that if you have discovered a fitness activity or sport that clicks and resonates with you, fantastic! Don’t give up, even if when you are just starting out, it may seem impossible that you’ll ever get better at it. Martial arts of all disciplines can seem extremely difficult, and they are – when you’re new! Same thing with any sport.

If you want to run a marathon, for example, you wouldn’t get disgusted with yourself and quit because you can’t run your first mile without stopping, would you? You must build up your strength and stamina – no matter what sport you’re into.

So, I would like to encourage you to start something and go to that first class, or run those first steps. Log what you did. Then go out the next day or the day after (once your initial soreness wears off) and do it again. And more. And continue until you have completed a milestone so that you can look back and feel really good about yourself!

With all the online resources for just about every sport these days, there is always going to be someone who will cheer you on. Find the right forum for what you are interested in, and begin participating. You’d be surprised how many people want to encourage you.

Thanks for visiting the site, and please come back soon!